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Brandy appreciation

Because Bran slayssss

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jim kirk? oh yeah he’s such a bad boy stereotypically macho man. what a renegade. he is a hardcore womanizing space rebel



ok thats cool but imagine: vivienne with the best hair in thedas

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

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no healing spells in inquisition you say?



I’m terrified that they’re going to make DA:I super easy again, like DAII. I loved DAII for a lot of reasons, but none of them were the combat. I loved DA:O for a lot of reasons, and half of them were the combat. Mostly the way it kept surprising me with strange hidden gems (I didn’t find Storm of the Century until playthrough number 7!). A game where healing spells aren’t needed? What?

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Before Rockwell, a Gay Artist Defined the Perfect American Male

I know we’re probably supposed to be focusing on the guys, but my GOD the detail that man put into rendering the folds and shadows of the fabric in that last picture.

If I had money, I would commission each of these with ladies in the pics. And do some race changes. 

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Crazy work drama two hours in :P

I think I’ll read about stoicism during my break.

     “But what then? Your lovely mortal is being guarded by a legion of Einherjar guards who will see you coming from miles away.”
     “I won’t be the one who comes for her.”

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When school gets hard, just remember this….