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Deola Sagoe - New York Fashion Week Presentation / Photography: Yuko Torihara

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Designed by Shadé Renée


Designed by Shadé Renée

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From WonderCon today. Professor X and Magneto.

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Jane Foster + Asgardian dresses (requested by anon)

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i have Needs that are not being met by this fandom so i will meet them myself

girl steve and girl bucky sparring is one of those needs

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"derp/herp derp" is ableist stop fucking using it, it is a term that originated with making fun of kids with down syndrome and being like "ha ha derp face:-P" and it has been used against disabled people for so long after that, please stop using it, get mad at people that do use it, please

So, my “derp factor” tag needs a new name. I was using it to indicate times when I’d done something silly/childish/catlike. Does anyone have a new name for the tag? Funniest suggestion wins internet hugs.

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Our Winter (speedpaint)

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(please do not remove the watermark, caption, or steal and repost. thanks!)

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Black Widow by Phil Noto.







Clydesdale X Thoroughbred

wow it has the front half of a Clydesdale but the back half of a Thoroughbred

I’d love to know how tall he is for perspective’s sake. There are some videos of him, free jumping here, dancing here, and misc. Lovely horse!

he’s 15.3h and, though how his back end seems to fine compared to the front, he is one of the best jumpers i’ve ever seen

and this is how he gets out of it when he chips in and the standards are maxed…. just a few feet over the rail

overall he looks like a fantastic horse, not at all heavy in his movement

Draft crossing done right.